4 Sep

Fairy Guide Mother® is created

I have been taking friends and family to Disneyland for years. But it wasn’t until I came across this quote from Walt Disney that I decided to make my passion my career. Walt once said “The real trouble in the world is that too many people grow up.” I knew that was one of the reasons I wanted to be a nanny and a pre school teacher, was because working with children keeps you young. Keeps you from growing up. I have always loved going to Disneyland and I have always loved working with children. So how could I combine the two? Sitting at beach watching the sunset the name came to me, Fairy Guide Mother. It was a perfect  name and a wonderful idea. I would share my knowledge and love for Disneyland with people! So I started talking with my friends and family, everyone loved the idea. People who had been to Disneyland with me knew I would be great at it. So I started building my business! It’s been quite an adventure so far and I am excited to see what the future has in store!download full film iBoy