“If The Shoe Fits”


“If The Shoe Fits”

This is our most popular option and includes a pre-package of maps, packing tips and ideas about how to prepare for your trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Product Description

Your pre-package will help build anticipation and relieve some of the stress that come with planning any vacation. The Fairy Guide Mother® will meet you at the park and stay with you for 9 hours. Her 10+ years experience working with children make hers the extra pair of hands and eyes you want (and need) for your children. The Fairy Guide Mother® will make certain everyone has a good time. She will ride the rides with you and your family so no one has to ride alone or wait with children or other family members who may be too small for the ride or simply do not want to do that particular activity (like meeting the characters). This way the parents don’t have to miss out on the “big kid” rides or wait in line to meet Mickey! The Fairy Guide Mother® will get the Fast Passes you need to help maximize your time in the parks. The Fairy Guide Mother® brings her contagious enthusiasm along with the fun games she knows to play throughout the parks. The Fairy Guide Mother® will insure everyone is entertained and having a magical time.

*This package includes one Fairy Guide Mother® t-shirt (extra shirts available for purchase).